State to Pursue Child Sex Abuse Case Against Bill Allen

New Law requires US DOJ to Cooperate with State

Fine Grind – Just the Facts

As reported in Grinder News last night, Alaska Attorney General Craig Richards and US Senator Dan Sullivan today announced that the State of Alaska will pursue Mann Act charges against former VECO head Bill Allen.
The state of Alaska, now through three separate Attorneys General, has sought permission to prosecute Allen for sex crimes against minors. The US Department of Justice did not pursue those charges as part of a plea deal to obtain Allen’s testimony against the late US Senator Ted Stevens. Alaska first began to seek federal permission to prosecute Allen seven years ago, but has had no legal recourse against the DOJ’s refusal to grant cross designation to the state’s law department. That changed when Sen. Dan Sullivan successfully amended S. 178, a human trafficking bill, to include strong language regarding federal Mann Act cases.
Sullivan’s amendment requires the DOJ to cross designate prosecutorial responsibilities to a state if the federal government is not pursuing the case, and as long as the cross designation does not undermine the administration of justice. If the US AG determines that cross designation would undermine the administration of justice, he or she has 60 days to provide the state with a detailed explanation of how that decision was reached. 
In accordance with that new law Alaska AG Craig Richards today sent a letter to US AG Loretta Lynch requesting the cross designation assignment, allowing the State of Alaska to finally pursue criminal charges against Allen for child sex crimes. Lynch now must either grant the cross designation or must, within 60 days, provide the state with a detailed explanation of why that cannot happen.

A copy of AG Richards’ letter follows.

Grinder News will continue to follow this developing story.