Breaking News: Update to Bill Allen Investigation

Allen's Child Sex Abuse Charges Could Be Focus of Press Conference

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In today’s previous post Grinder News referenced a joint press conference with Alaska Attorney General Craig Richards and Alaska’s US Senator Dan Sullivan tomorrow at 10 a.m. Alaska time. It remains unclear what the details of that press conference will be, but research has uncovered links between the current and former AGs that suggest Bill Allen’s previous child sexual abuse charges could be the focus.

To obtain Allen’s testimony against late US Senator Ted Stevens the US Department of Justice did not pursue the sex abuse charges, and suppressed the investigation. Then Alaska AG Sullivan attempted to retrieve information from the sex abuse investigation and permission to pursue a state investigation of Allen under the federal Mann Act. He was thwarted in those efforts, but apparently did not give up the fight.

Grinder News found an April 2015 press release from Sullivan’s office about an amendment he’d successfully added to a human trafficking bill, S. 178. In the press release Sullivan was quoted as saying, “What this amendment will do is increase prosecutions of human trafficking without an increase of cost to the federal government. It allows and encourages federal prosecutors to work with state officials to prosecute Mann Act violations while increasing transparency. The goal of this amendment is to enable the resources and cooperation between state and federal prosecutors to ensure all cases of human trafficking are pursued, and victims have justice.”

More pertinent to the Allen case, the amendment requires the federal government to provide a detailed explanation if it denies a state AG’s request to prosecute a Mann Act violation.

Because no federal agencies are apparently involved in Friday’s press conference it strongly suggests an Alaska-only focus for this story, and Allen’s Mann Act violations are the only known charges for which he has not been prosecuted. No one has been available in either Richards’ or Sullivan’s office so this information is not confirmed. At this time it is the only logical link between Sullivan, Richards and Allen. Grinder News will continue to follow this developing story.