Alaska AG, US Senator To Make Announcement Regarding Bill Allen Investigation

Bill Allen

Fine Grind – Just the Facts

US Senator Dan Sullivan and Alaska Attorney General Craig Richards will hold a joint press conference tomorrow to discuss recent developments in a state criminal investigation of Bill Allen according to a news release from Sullivan’s office.

Allen, who was a founder and president of VECO, was the government’s main witness in the case against the late US Senator Ted Stevens. Allen was at the center of the federal investigation into corruption allegations in connection with the passage of former Governor Frank Murkowski’s PPT oil tax bill. It was Allen who was seen handing notes directly across the bar to legislators on the House floor and giving hand signals to legislators during the confusion of votes being cast, rescinded and recast. During a late night, end of session floor debate chaos reigned as the base tax rate changed back and forth, and it appeared Allen and others were affecting the voting from the gallery.

Allen pleaded guilty to federal charges of extortion, bribery and conspiracy to impede the Internal Revenue Service. Allen’s testimony in the Stevens trial helped convict Alaska’s most popular US Senator. Allen himself received a three-year sentence and a $750,000 fine. Stevens’ conviction was later overturned due to a discovery infraction.

No details about what Sullivan and Richards will reveal at tomorrow morning's press conference are currently available, but Grinder News will continue to follow this developing story.