Grinder News is not your daddy’s political blog. It’s more like your crazy Aunt Rosie’s political blog. You know Aunt Rosie. She gave you a concertina and authentic lederhosen for your 10th birthday. She took a sword-swallowing correspondence course ... and aced it. Aunt Rosie wears gogo boots, teaches didgeridoo to the criminally insane and was invited to the birthday parties of both Margaret Thatcher and Salvador Dali. But Aunt Rosie got you through trig homework your junior year. She deftly navigated five Boston roundabouts the first time, and when others know what’s going on, Aunt Rosie knows why it’s going on and where it’s going to end. Yeah, if Aunt Rosie had a political blog it’d be this one ... because it’s so much more than a political blog.

Grinder News delivers information in three different ways.

FINE GRIND: This is the straight news, top grade and lean. Fine Grind stories are old school journalism with all the Ws, one H and no BS. Fine grind will tell you what you need to know about state and local government without the bells and whistles.

MEDIUM GRIND: This is news with analysis and commentary. The publisher has more than 30 years experience in news, communications and government. Medium Grind will add a little of that tasty fat to the straight news, examining what policies actually mean, and dissecting the public process to suss out what the power brokers are really up to and what you can expect as a result. It’s actionable intel.

COARSE GRIND: This is the gonzo news. Coarse grind brings the satire, a little humor and a bit of the juicy stuff. A little cheeky. A little naughty. All in good fun.

Grinder News doesn’t party: This is a non-partisan news and information source. Majorities will likely get a bit more coverage, because they’re running the show, but Grinder News holds all feet to the fire, and we provide Alaskans information to participate in their own government and to hold elected officials accountable.

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